From unstructured text to structured meaning

The enwake cloud platform makes it easy to leverage meaning from your unstructured textual
information without having to manually read the documents.

Interactive knowledge

Transform the plain text into structured and visually interactive concepts, that allow you to understand, and retain the knowledge you need easily and quicker.

Entity Recognition and Categorization

Automatically identifies and categorizes concepts into their respective categories such as people, organisations time, money locations and many more.

Entity filtering and aggregation

Cross select the various entities, discovering relations and common facts between them.

Merge and remix knowledge from multiple documents

Analyse multiple documents and merge the concepts, entities and the common knowledge between them while ignoring the repeated or irrelevant information.

Classification, summarisation and tagging

Automatically classify, summarise and tag the document, allowing for a quick overview, without having to manually read the entire document.

How Enwake works

Enwake Platform extracts and represents the meaning of text in an entirely unique and revolutionary way.
Enwake’s algorithms transforms the text into proprietary structured semantic concepts, which then can be visualized, searched, filtered and merged in ways never before possible.
In Enwake knowledge accumulates upon itself and new knowledge enriches the existing.
Enwake allows knowledge to be easily visualised, understood, and shared, from one or more documents without having to manually read the documents.

Who is it for

Enwake is a productivity tool for all knowledge workers, or anyone that needs a productivity boost when handling unstructured
textual information

Academic papers

Product Reviews

Health/scientific forums

Police/intelligence reports

Legal documents


What will you Enwake?

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